Assorted raw organic vegetablesIncluding a rainbow of food is essential to the general health of an individual. Perhaps, there is no single type of food that is capable of supplying all the needed ingredients to your body. The secret to healthy living is eating a variety. A balanced diet contains all the necessary components from all the food groups for the body to reap optimum nutrition. Dietary needs, however, will vary from one individual to another. Sometimes the food that we perceive to be good to us may not necessarily mean that they contain the essential nutrients needed in our bodies. Eating a balanced diet has many advantages. The following are the top benefits of taking a balanced diet.

Benefits of eating a variety of food

  • Taking a variety helps weight control; obesity is one common problem that is experienced by most people. Eating a diet inclusive of fruits, whole grains, vegetables and lean proteins help in controlling the general body weight. It is imperative to replace all the high-calorie diet with balanced diet inclusive of all the recommended nutrients.
  • Control of Blood Sugar; did you know that a spike in the blood sugar level is generally contributed by the combination of food that you pick? Eating sugary foods may contribute to the development of a condition called diabetes. Fruits contain essential natural sugar that is highly beneficial as compared to refined sugar. Refined sugars are known to cause frequent fluctuation in blood sugar. Eating a variety substantially reduces the chances of an individual developing hypertension.
  • Homemade Grilled Salmon on a Cedar PlankVariety also helps keep food delicious by adding flavor; we like flavored food. Including a variety in a diet can transform the general taste of food and significantly influence our attitude towards it. Adding a variety is beneficial to young and old alike.
  • Taking a variety helps improve heart health; eating a variety of healthy food helps promote good heart health. Increasing vitamin intake helps reduce cholesterol build up and consequently eliminates all kinds of heart diseases such as coronary artery disease.
  • Variety spices up the nutritional value of food; combining greens, yellow, red, orange and all colors of food help improve the general nutritional value of food in a plate. Variety avails the necessary essential vitamins for healthy eating habits. In fact, variety makes eating some sought of fun.

How sure are you that you are eating the right kinds of food? It is very critical to ensure that you eat the right types of food depending on your individual health needs. The level of your activities also determines the type of food that you choose. Eating a variety of food is important right from maintaining a healthy mind, heart to muscles.

Moreover, consider seeking professional assistance in case you want a robust combination of a balanced diet. The type of food that your body requires may differ from those of another. The general body processes are regulated by the choice of food that we put in our daily plates. Get started today by choosing the recommended types of daily servings to reap maximum health benefits.

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